"I want to tell you all thank you for taking time and donating my dentures. You don't know how much this means to me. I want to tell you a little bit about me. "I grew up with a nasty body image of myself. I was in special education class room for several years. Because of that I was bullied and had a poor self-esteem. I never took care of my teeth because I just didn't care. "As I grew older, I regretted not taking care of my teeth. Then for the last year, since March 2015, I never had teeth. Then the Donated Dental program came along. I never thought I would be picked. Then they chose you. "Ever since I got these dentures, my self-esteem has risen. Also I love to be in pictures. Speaking of pictures, I posted one with my dentures on Facebook. I had about 300 likes and comments about your work. Everyone thought they were my real teeth until they read the comment above the picture. You did a fantastic job. Again, then you for everything." - Phillip
"Everyone is so very nice and thoughtful. Excellent... Just listening to Doctor Hopkins with different patients, he is great with everyone including kids. Don't find very many doctors, assistants, and receptionists that are that wonderful." - Sandy Boone
"You are the tops, the best dentist and staff I have ever been to." - Kathleen Farmer
"I get the feeling that the Pratt Family Dental people take pride in their work and they want your experience to be positive and your smile to be perfect (when you can finally feel your face, lol)." - Roy Hoffman
"The staff was all very kind and made my children feel comfortable and relaxed." - Ashley Cook
"Very polite staff that did a good job." - Eddie Towers
"I've always appreciated that your office has a wide range of appointment openings so I can come in before work." - Lacy Phillips
"Love the staff. Everyone's awesome." - Stacie Romine