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Advanced Technology


Innovation, Quality, Education, and Service

i-CAT 3D imaging give us the ability to provide enhanced imaging for better treatment planning and surgical predictability. This cone-beam computed tomography can be used for implants, oral surgery, endodontic procedures, and much more.

Digital Imaging


2D Imaging is our most common form of dental x-rays. These images allow dor to see the jaw bone, root tips, growing adult teeth, and the contact areas in between teeth.

Dentsply Prime Scan

Intraoral Scanner

Our new intraoral scanner could allow us the ability to say good-bye to impressions. With its multi-color laser based system, we can produce images with vibrant color and accuracy. 

VHF R5 Mill

Restoration Design

With our in office mill we can design your crowns, abutments, and implant crowns from start to finish. While most offices have to send their crowns to labs all over the country we prefer to work closely with you to design the crown you want and feel comfortable with. This new mill allows us to make crowns out of many different materials including, metal, glass ceramic, and zirconia. The different materials have different strengths and appearances allowing us to help fill the needs of each patient individually.

Precise LTM Laser

The Laser for Everyday Dentistry

"The precise LTM affects soft-tissue and cellular level. The laser energy vaporizes and modifies soft tissue with great precision, little to no bleeding or swelling, and significantly less postsurgical pain often without injecting anesthetics" The precise LTM soft tissue diode laser: Cao Group. CAO Group. (n.d.). Retrieved August 4, 2022, from

Dental Records

Record Accessibility

Your dental records are kept confidential and secure. Electronic dental records allow us easy access to your dental information.

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