Strengthening, beautifying, preserving, and replacing teeth with durable and cosmetic crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are an essential part of our office, partly because they are so incredibly versatile. This restorative dentistry procedure can be used by our dentists, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz, to rebuild broken or otherwise damaged teeth. Likewise, they may play an important role in preserving a badly damaged tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. Pratt Family Dental can even use crowns to replace missing teeth as part of a bridge or dental implant-supported restoration. As your state-of-the-art practice in Pratt, Kansas, we know how to make the most of crowns and how to use various durable materials to achieve or restore your goal: a healthy smile.

Dental bridges

About crowns

Your natural crown is the white part of the tooth that everyone sees above the gumline. This part of the tooth may be compromised; progressive disease or trauma can threaten the structure of the teeth. When this happens, Drs. Hopkins and Kunz may use their considerable expertise and advanced technologies to replace the damaged natural crown with a strong, unblemished new one. New crowns at our office may be made from various materials, from ceramics to semi-precious and precious metals. In some cases, metal and porcelain may be combined to optimally blend attractive aesthetics with unparalleled strength. 

Once the crown has been made with these materials, it is fitted on top of the remaining healthy natural tooth structure. So, think of crowns as a solid protective shell secured to the damaged tooth to restore its attractive appearance, structure, and ability to support healthy chewing, speech, and other functions. 

About bridges 

You cannot have bridges without crowns. At least two dental crowns are needed to make a bridge. The crowns are applied to the teeth next to the missing or failing tooth. They are attached to the pontic or replacement tooth. Once attached, the crowns and at least one pontic are transformed into the dental bridge. The bridge is secured as a single unit to the neighboring teeth. In turn, the bridge fills in the gap and replaces the missing tooth (or teeth). The crowns “anchor” the bridge and hold up the replacement teeth. 

What to expect

All treatments start with a consultation. Our dentists may find that you are an appropriate candidate for crowns to hold together or strengthen vulnerable teeth. They may also be used to repair a cavity that is too big to be adequately repaired with a filling. Crowns can even be used to reshape teeth or for other large cosmetic cases. A crown is also an essential finishing touch following root canal therapy to “save” an infected tooth. Once attached to an implant in the jaw, a crown replaces a missing tooth. This last option is a highly stable alternative to the traditional bridge. 

Since there are so many applications for crowns, the specific steps at Pratt Family Dental depend on your needs and recommendations. Generally, the crowns are designed and cemented to the tooth structure that has been “prepared.” All damaged tissue is removed, and the tooth itself is reshaped. So the crown fits on top of it properly. 

If it’s been a while since you last visited our office, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment. These and other restorative procedures do not have to be in your future with proactive, preventative care. To speak with a team member in Pratt, KS, call (620) 318-1182.