Sealing out cavities and tooth decay with easy, efficient, and economical dental sealants

Preventative dentistry doesn’t get much more straightforward than dental sealants! This service, available courtesy of professionals like our team in Pratt, Kansas, can be completed in mere minutes. It may be easily integrated into check-ups at Pratt Family Dental. Plus, it’s an incredibly affordable alternative to restorative procedures that may cost you and your family nothing!

The ease and effectiveness of dental sealants

True to their name, sealants may be applied by one of our dentists, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz, to “seal out” disease-causing substances. These substances include harmful bacteria and plaque. The sealant is applied to the back teeth. It’s estimated that 90% of cavities form in these teeth, the molars and premolars. 

Not only are molars hard to reach, especially for patients with little mouths and developing motor skills, but their “design” presents inherent challenges to excellent and consistent oral care. The surfaces of these teeth are uneven; they feature deep pits and fissures. Food particles tend to become trapped in these areas. When this happens, the bacteria in our mouths feed off the starches and sugars in the lingering food. This is a perfect recipe for destructive plaque and the decay process! 

Fortunately, these thin coverings or sealants are very effective at keeping out food and other “bad stuff.” They last a long time when applied precisely and properly by our dentists. We also check the condition of the sealant at every check-up. Sealants can be replaced promptly as needed. The sealant itself won’t break the bank. As a preventative service, it may be 100% covered by your dental insurance plan. Patients appreciate that the process of applying the safe sealant material is fast and doesn’t hurt. If anything, the application of the sealant prevents pain, such as sensitivity and toothaches caused by damage resulting from enamel erosion and dental decay. 

The process can be completed in minutes. Drs. Hopkins or Kunz will first clean the teeth to be treated. Once the teeth are dry, they are conditioned with a specialized product to support the strongest bond between sealant and tooth. Then, the sealant is “painted on” as a liquid using a fine brush. This material oozes into the deep nooks and crannies in your teeth, ensuring the surface area is fully protected. Since the liquid is see-through, the sealant is not visible when you or your child smiles. Also, with precise and proper application, you won’t feel anything strange in your mouth, and your “bite” will not be affected. You can still chew normally. 

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Patients of all ages can benefit from cavity-fighting sealants. However, they are often associated with pediatric patients because we want to prevent decay as soon as the first premolars and molars develop. So, as a proactive measure, our dentists may recommend sealants to your children starting at around six. Don’t delay in stopping the process of decay. Call your friendly dental team at Pratt Family Dental at (620) 318-1182 to learn more and book a visit.