Transforming your smile and life with a range of modern denture options

At Pratt Family Dental, our dentures are not your mother’s or grandmother’s “false teeth”! As your neighborhood destination for cutting-edge dentistry in Pratt, Kansas, our practice supports the most lifelike appearance, lasting and natural function, and optimal fit from dentures with an array of diagnostic technologies, the highest quality materials, and training in the latest techniques to rebuild your smile. Plus, there are more options than ever to reconstruct teeth with full and partial dentures among those valued patients who are missing many or all their teeth. 

Since we appreciate that every patient has unique needs, preferences, and considerations, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz prioritize providing many options for dentures and other treatments. These options include “traditional” removable appliances and ones supported by dental implants, placed and secured in the jawbone right here at your local dentist’s office!

Partial dentures 

“Partials,” as their name suggests, may be appropriate if your smile is partially complete – you have some healthy teeth left. These remaining teeth are necessary because the denture actually attaches to them. The prosthetic teeth and gummy tissue sit on a metal framework. This framework then connects to the neighboring teeth with specialized attachments. So, these teeth help to support the partial, which can then be easily taken out of the mouth for cleaning. 

Full or complete dentures

These upper and lower dentures comprise prosthetic teeth and gum tissue, which sit on a base that slips into and out of the mouth. For this option, achieving and maintaining a proper fit is particularly critical. The denture only stays put when it conforms well and fits securely to the surrounding natural tissues. In addition to natural suction in the mouth and a proper fit, the denture may rely on special products for enhanced comfort. For instance, our dentists can advise you on adhesives and other denture products to improve your satisfaction with your new teeth. It’s also essential for us to regularly monitor your dentures for proper fit. Relining or rebasing may be recommended to restore the fit, leading to effective chewing, clear speech, and other essential functions.

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, many teeth, or all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws. Implants are positioned in the jawbone. They naturally join with the bone in the jaw. Once joined, they can be attached to the denture to stabilize it like a natural tooth root! Our patients appreciate the stability that is achieved with implant “overdentures.” Of course, stability then lends itself well to comfort, function, and overall patient satisfaction with dentures. 

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There are many considerations when replacing teeth, especially when making an entire smile with dentures. We look forward to walking you through the many options available at Pratt Family Dental. 

No single option is suitable for everyone, but we are confident there is an approach that is 110% “you.” Call (620) 318-1182 to speak with one of your friends in Pratt, KS.