Making over your perception of dentistry with approaches and technologies that fight dental fears and anxiety

Fighting dental fear and anxiety is a sum of many parts. At Pratt Family Dental, we strive to support your family’s utmost care as responsible and valued members of the community and trusted neighbors. Led by dentists, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz, our team truly thinks about how we would want our family members to be treated. We account for the special features, amenities, and approaches that represent our expectations for a loved one’s care. 

After all, we get to know our patients more than that – they become like friends or extended members of our own families. And you and your family deserve the best care without having to travel many miles from Pratt, Kansas, to benefit from that top-notch care and expertise. Nothing is more gratifying to us than to change an individual’s perception of dentistry for the better. Positive perceptions support regular dental visits, better oral health, well-being, and quality of life. 

No judgment here!

Yes, we have a lot of advanced technologies. But we know that it is the human element that powers those technologies. We are very proud of our kind, patient, and talented team – how passionate each team member is about caring for patients’ smiles and health. We are genuinely invested in our patients and their experience with us. Even if it’s been years since your dental visit, know you are valued here and welcomed with open arms. No stone has been left unturned in creating such a welcoming environment. We provide many creature comforts and distractions as needed, from soothing blankets to various entertaining Disney+ and Netflix shows. 

Responsive care 

Many patients who have delayed getting treatment appreciate our sound, prompt emergency care. We can accommodate urgent cases quickly. Our recommendations are also made with your long-term health and comfort at heart. We do not simply put a band-aid on the problem. We are also a phone call away should you have concerns about a tooth or other changes in your mouth. Know that you have an ally in your journey to better oral health and that our guidance and information are credible and can be trusted. 

A healthy, confident smile for all 

Everyone deserves a smile that exudes health, pride, and vibrancy. We ensure that all our treatment recommendations are made with your best interests front and center. We are very fair in our pricing and also provide numerous payment options. These options include financing with CareCredit®. 

A little help from our “friends” 

At Pratt Family Dental, technologies complement and support our talent. They are not a replacement for talented and invested people. Instead, they help us do what we do well. So, if you are still concerned about an upcoming visit or procedure, we are happy to discuss calming sedation with nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). Additionally, we use light-touch tools and techniques to help minimize some of the familiar sources or triggers of dental fear. We encourage you to share your specific concerns with us. 

Call (620) 318-1182 to reach out to our team in Pratt, KS, today. So, we can account for your specific concerns and build a fear-fighting experience or visit based on your needs.