How modern, precision root canal treatment relieves pain and preserves teeth

Don’t let the term “root canal treatment” scare you! This standard nonsurgical endodontic procedure is not only painless at Pratt Family Dental, but moreover, it may be the only way to eliminate your pain and help you avoid the loss of the affected tooth. 

Root canals

Toothy truths about root canals 

Root canal therapy falls under the category of endodontic dental treatments. “Endo” refers to the “inside,” whereas “odont” refers to teeth. So, endodontics are services associated with treating problems inside the teeth. Our dentists in Pratt, Kansas, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz do not have to refer you to a costly or unfamiliar specialist’s office. True to our fundamentals, we provide trusted, advanced services to resolve even some of the biggest rehabilitative cases or complex dental challenges. 

Furthermore, root canal treatment is likely different from what you think. We encourage you to think of the reality of this process as little more than a “cleaning” for the insides of your teeth. Routine professional dental cleanings remove bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Root canal therapy removes the source of an infection, for instance, that exists deep inside the tooth – within the central “pulp.” This pulp tissue is housed in the root canals extending from the crown to the jaw, anchoring the tooth.

As such, our dentists must access those root canals. Drs. Hopkins and Kunz use a gentle hand, specialized tools, and precision techniques to accomplish this, and once the damaged tissues have been reached, they are removed. Think of this step as providing a fresh start for your tooth. With the source of the infection gone – including the nerves responsible for the pain – our patients finally get relief from persistent toothaches. Furthermore, after the affected canals have been sterilized, reshaped, and sealed off to encourage healing, we effectively “save” your tooth. Extractions or the removal of infected or badly damaged teeth are not necessary. 

An important note

It is essential to care for the treated tooth as advised by your dentist. Notably, be sure to follow up with us at the Pratt Family Dental office in a timely fashion. Failure to restore the tooth with a crown can disrupt healing, promote further damage, and eventually lead to the loss of the treated tooth. Additionally, while you will feel nothing due to our use of localized anesthetic, we appreciate that some patients may still need a little help to relax in the treatment chair. We are happy to discuss dental sedation options to support utmost comfort. 

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