Getting to know implants: Setting a new standard in tooth replacement

You don’t need to visit multiple offices for advanced dental treatments and techniques. At Pratt Family Dental, our dentists, Drs. Carson Hopkins and Steven Kunz have invested in training and technologies to support services that are setting new standards in care. Dental implants are among those services that are raising the bar. At our office in Pratt, Kansas, we specialize in offering dental implants, ensuring every aspect of rebuilding your tooth (or teeth) is handled in the most natural way possible.

Dental implant

About implants 

Each implant is made from biocompatible materials such as titanium and zirconium. They are shaped like tooth roots for a good reason; implants replace tooth roots once surgically placed in the jawbone. They effectively function like natural roots because of the material’s compatibility with living or biological tissues. The material ultimately fuses to the surrounding bone as part of a safe process of osseointegration. 

Built on this secure base or foundation, a single replacement tooth or crown may be attached to just one implant. Or, a few strategically placed implants can be secured in the jaw to stabilize many or all teeth in a dental arch (as part of an implant-supported bridge or denture).

The implants difference

Conventional, removable options for tooth replacement (bridges and dentures) do not account for the structure of natural teeth. The visible parts of the teeth may look like natural hard and soft tissues; however, their functionality and durability may be limited. “False teeth” are not stabilized securely in the jawbone. Instead, they get support from the surrounding oral structures and natural suction in the mouth. The fit of the denture can change over time. When this happens, the denture no longer conforms to the surrounding supportive structures. This process gives rise to all sorts of issues, such as loose dentures that slide around, interfere with speech and chewing, and cause painful sores.

Complaints associated with fit and stability are avoided. Implant crowns, bridges, and dentures are optimally “fixed” in the jaw. Such exceptional stability and a design that mimics the structure of the natural teeth supports many incredible benefits:

  • Comfort – no “slip-ups”
  • Efficient chewing function 
  • Clear speech and proper pronunciation 
  • Healthy and dense bone (fights destructive bone loss)
  • Hassle-free maintenance; regular adjustments are not necessary
  • Long-term durability – with good oral hygiene, implant-retained teeth can last a lifetime
  •  An excellent value for those who are missing many teeth, as minimal implants are needed to support all of the teeth in an upper or lower dental arch
  • A natural appearance

The Pratt Family Dental difference

At our office, Drs. Hopkins and Kunz use sophisticated diagnostics, like the i-CAT™ scanner, to accurately map and plan for the precision placement of each implant in the jawbone. Other practices that do not have such technologies and expertise would refer to the placement of implants in a specialist’s office. This is not necessary at our practice in Pratt, Kansas. We handle everything you need during the process under one roof, even advanced surgical “preparation” with bone grafting. Building up the bone with this procedure may be appropriate for those patients with deterioration of the bony, supportive tissue in the jaw. 

To find out how implants may change your life, call (620) 318-1182 to schedule a visit with your friends in the neighborhood!